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The Shadetree Group is a missional ministry based in Gretna, Florida,

founded in 2006 as a ministry initiative of Killearn United Methodist Church. In January of 2023, the Shadetree Group, Inc. began operation as a seperate 501(c)3 designated non-profit entity.


We exist to present the whole gospel to the whole person by affirming the dignity of under-resourced people and empowering them to transform their own lives. In addition to a ministry of presence, we coordinate many programs serving Gretna-area children, youth, and families.  Our programs are designed using a strengths/asset based approach for personal empowerment and community development.  We practice the principles of Christian Community Development, and our current programmatic emphasis is heavily focused upon indigenous leadership development.



The Shadetree Kids Program is designed for children in grades Kindergarten through 5th.  Currently this program is offered in the form of a four day a week after-school program.  Students receive homework assistance, academic tutoring, supplemental online education and a healthy snack.  The program meets at the Shadetree Empowerment and Success Centers. Students also participate in success coaching, Shadetree 4-H, arts, and athletics programs.

Our Youth Program, for middle and high school students, is designed to increase resiliency, capital, and self-sufficiency. Youth participate in success coaching that focuses on the individual goals of the youth. They receive linkage to appropriate support services based on their individual plan. Youth meet with their success coach a minimum of twice a month. Group skills trainings are held several times a month. Group meetings focus on various topics, including leadership development, financial literacy, and relationship education. Youth also participate in monthly cultural outings and community service projects. Students in the program are encouraged to attend faith formation events held on Sunday evenings.

Our Community Links Program is an effort to convene concerned Gretna citizens who want to participate in improving and building up their community. Quarterly meetings focus on harnessing local assets to build a thriving community. Program participants also help coordinate annual community-wide events that bring together citizens in a positive way, such as the Block by Block Community Beautification Program and the Thanksgiving Community Meal.

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