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Get Ready to Play Flag Football!

Girls and boys of all ages and abilities can enjoy flag football.  There is no contact and loads of fun. Through NFL Flag, youth will learn sportsmanship and teamwork all while getting to wear authentic NFL team jerseys. 


Games and workouts take place at the Shadetree Empowerment Center in Gretna (37 Williams Street).

Registration Fee: $30 per player

Flag Football Receiver


Register and pay your fee online here.  If you are having difficulty navigating the system you can always register at our Saturday workouts.  Registration ends on Saturday May 20th.


Pre-Season Workouts

Pre-season workouts will take place every Saturday in April and May from 10:00 AM until Noon.  The workouts are optional but are a good way for new players to learn the game and for everyone to get in shape for the season.

Flag Football Stance

Season Begins

After the registration deadline, youth will be placed on teams.  Each team will play six regular season games and playoffs.  An All-Star team will be formed of players that will participate in the NFL Flag Championships.

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